BrightEyes Baby

Pregnancy yoga from prenatal exercise to postnatal recovery, classes at BrightEyes Baby aim to prepare your body and mind for the work of labour and motherhood.

Offering one to one personalised yoga classes in the comfort of your own home.

Prenatal yoga with BrightEyes Baby

Prenatal classes will help to:

  • Build the loving bond between mother and baby
  • Prepare you for labour and delivery including breathing and relaxation techniques to use during labour
  • Find relief from some common pregnancy complaints, such as backache, nausea, heartburn and reflux
  • Keep your body strong
  • Provides gentle stretching of the body, lengthening of the spine, whilst creating space for baby
  • Keeps your bones and ligaments healthy by providing gentle weight-bearing exercise and taking your joints through a healthy range of motion
  • Reduces fluid retention

Postnatal classes will help to:

  • Restore hormonal balance, positivity and helps reduce anxiety and depression
  • Restore the body towards full core strength and build stamina and strengthen pelvic floor muscles
  • Toning the deep abdominal muscles to ‘close the body’ after birth
  • Promotes relaxation, deep rest and quietening the mind
  • Stimulation of cell growth and repair
  • Maintains flexibility in the spine and joints
  • Renewing energy and healing emotionally after a difficult pregnancy or birth
Postnatal yoga with BrightEyes Baby

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