Four ways to become a morning person!


I love a good sleep in! However I also know I’m more productive the entire day, when I get my ass out of bed!

I feel more grateful for things too!

Four ways to become a morning lover!

  • Wake up and stop snoozing!

    Clicking snooze once can often turn into an hour-long snooze-fest which is a surefire way to make you late. Instead, try setting two alarms five minutes apart. The first alarm is to wake you up and the second is to get you out of bed.

  • Make your bedroom a sanctuary and zen space! 

    Ditch your mobile phone and buy and alarm clock! Get rid of the blue light and social media temptation. How often do you wake up and turn straight to your phone?! Getting quality sleep every night is not only essential for good health, but making sure that your bedroom represents zen will promote happiness and get you awake in the morning! Get some candles and incense etc!

  • Eat a nutrient dense breakfast!

    Don’t skip breakfast, it will only leave you tired later in the morning and grumpy! While we’re not all morning people,  sometimes the thought of brekkie the next day is enough to get us out of bed! Wake up to a smoothie – which is not only super easy to prepare but you can take it with you to work too. And, you can make your life even easier by creating smoothie bags. Simply pop your smoothie ingredients in a ziplock bag the night before, so the next morning all you have to do is dump the ingredients into the blender along with whatever liquid you’re using and you’re good to go!

  •  Exercise first thing!

    Getting straight out of bed and doing some sort of exercise is a great way of waking yourself up and, it can easily become a part of your morning routine. Have all of your gear ready to go – outfit picked out and runners at the ready – so you can literally get out of bed, get dressed and go. Going for a walk, run or to the gym is also a great way of starting your morning on a positive note. Plus, you also reduce the risk of putting off exercise because you’re too tired later in the day.


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