Posting on instagram and the truth!


I had a dream last night (well just now) about someone who used to be in my life going through a had time, and life hitting them hard! It was a sad dream and I woke at 3:45am to find myself searching them on social media to see if they were ok. I’m not in contact with that person anymore but my heart was open.

At the same time I noticed a post from someone on instagram thanking me for sharing something that resonated with them. I felt inspired, andall these ideas came to me, enough where I have climbed out of bed at 4am this morning to sit at my laptop….
I also acknowledged something…

I share a lot of feeds that show me having this ‘awesome life down-under’ and its true that I love what I have achieved in terms of living in Australia, meeting my lovely Fiance and now having a baby (it all seems so dreamy doesn’t it), but I certainly have had fights in my life with things related to all of the above and for me as much as life can sit pretty for a while, it can also change and sit on the other side of the fence, where it has been before. Sometimes I have felt so raged, so low, so confuse, so frustrated.. but who blogs about that ? Not many, but some.

Maybe we should share our experience a little more to help others. After all it a social media world at the minute. If your reading this feeling shitty, having a bad day, thinking life is unfair, don’t worry your not along we have all been there. I have defiantly been there, and as life goes probably will be again…

As we all cruise life’s rollercoaster..🌑🌕

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