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Week 4 – mild cramps, thirsty and vivid baby dreams!

This is the week I found out I was pregnant. They class you as 4 weeks pregnant but in actual fact your about 2 weeks but they class the first day of your last girly time (period) the start.

I was hoping I’d be pregnant. We had been trying a long time!

I started to wake in the night with weird twinges, and although uncomfortable they made me feel excited. Looking back that was a surreal experience. I also started having dreams that I was giving birth to a baby girl (we don’t know what gender we are having) and my mum and my grandma were there and it was magical! I had never dreamt I was pregnant or giving birth before, I had only dreamt  on wanting to be pregnant or watching other people pregnant so it was nice to have these dreams and I believe my body was telling me something! I was starting to feel hopeful…

We waited quite a while before testing and then the time came and I had bought 2 tests. A clearblue expensive digital and the cheaper clearblue test where you look for the two lines !

Clearblue digital was up first – I did the deed on the stick and Owen so badly wanted to watch the result appear hoping for the word ‘pregnant’ to show – but I wouldn’t let him! I kind of regret that as he seemed so sad he didn’t get to see it change from the hour glass to the result! I just felt so anxious though, I don’t know why I couldn’t let him, maybe I wanted to see it first! I think it said wait ‘3 minutes’ and I waited 2 minutes 40 seconds and then I walked in with Owen….

I gasped and cried in shock! After 2 years of peeing on sticks to see negative it was a nice feeling to see the word ‘PREGNANT’ appear! Then just to be sure I did the  second clearblue test and I let Owen watch that and yey POSITIVE again – two lines appeared very quickly!

Week 5 – Sore boobs, tired, a little dizzy!

After confirmation from the hospital that my HCG blood tests showed a good positive, I was in absolute bliss! Although it was early days I just couldn’t help but feel so positive that all would be well in this pregnancy.

That week I woke to my chest feeling so heavy and full, like as soon as my eyes open bam…!!

Week 6 – Here comes the nausea!

Whoa what is this? I always imagined that if I got pregnant I wouldn’t ‘be the kind of person’ to get ‘morning sickness’ – gosh how arrogant and stupid! Perhaps because I’m always in the gym and feel energetic I couldn’t possibility imagine feeling nauseous?! Crazy idiot! It didn’t feel nice and although I didn’t feel the urge to throw up, I wished I could to help relieve me of this feeling! it was a mixture of low blood sugar, dizziness and nausea!  That week my chest felt less tender but I stated to get a few ligament twinges in my groin! Perhaps the body preparing for growing and stretching!

I think this was also the week we skyped my family in the UK and broke the news to them too. We told them to keep it top secret as we dint want to announce properly until that 12/13week scan and getting past the first trimester! Pretty standard stuff!

Everyone was very happy and the emotional one was my sister Helen who straight away out her hands very her mouth and started balling! She is not a crier so it was emotional for me to see and she also knew we had been on a bit of a journey to get here!

I think that week the baby was the size of a sesame seed and YES of course I was following the baby centre app! How can you not!


Week 7 -Dating scan!

I felt confident and Owen was quite before the dating scan. He doesn’t like to get is hopes up for things although I think deep down he felt quietly confident that the dating scan would show a healthy heart beat! I on the other hand felt great and completely trusting in the universe! This week I was tired and going to bed really really early, still having nausea too especially in the evening!

Dating scan showed a gorgeous little blob shaped like a thong or should or should I say flip flop for you non-aussie readers! A good string heart beat and the yolk sac! The sonographer left us alone to  look at the baby on screen for 5 minutes and I was jumping around with excitement and Owen took a few picture and left the room with a big smile on his face!

Week 8 -Tired, moody and BIRTH CENTRE BOOKED!

Less nausea yey! A little moody perhaps and feeling a little thicker round the waist! Although looking back now at photo I took at week eight, I look tiny compared to now ?!

The birth centre at RPA hospital near our house is extremely popular! They only take 50 women a month under the public health system! Owen kept reminding me of this, so one Saturday I booked a spot and I was already 14th on the list for March due date babies! Wow! I booked an information session there to ensure t was the right place!

In Australia the health system for pregnancy is good but is a little different then the UK and New Zealand! New Zealand and the UK have similar systems with a big push on midwife led care. Although midwife care in Australia is available, it is not always the first option promoted, but it is getting more popular! In Australia Care through the public system under the Medicare system needs a referral by the doctor. The birth takes place at the hospital and there are usually no costs provided there is valid Medicare cover.

In many areas a woman has the choice of family doctor, obstetrician or midwife to care for her during pregnancy. It is normal for midwives to care for low-risk pregnancies only, while obstetricians oversee low risk and higher risk pregnancies. Midwives clinics operate in some public hospitals, and are free to Medicare holders.

I remember teaching prenatal yoga to one of my yoga groups and I was speaking too one lady where I asked her when her due date was and she said “oh it was this date but it’s a couple of weeks early now because my doctor is going on holiday so he wants to get it done before he goes” ?! like what? That can happen quite a bit over here and although amazing service there is a lot more c-sections and induced labours without good reason!

You can also choose to go with shared care between a midwife and GP, but to me that sounds complicated and to keep it tidy and less invasive its just midwife led care for me! I put all my faith in their hands!

Week 9 –Emotional, lots of vivid dreams, and juicy love handles!

Yes love handles! I think though this is down to what I was eating?! I had been craving nothing but carb carb carbs!!! Like cake, and bread and potatoes! Lots pf white potato! The idea of my usual lentil dishes made me feel sick! I had a food aversion… NO MORE LENTILS  FOR ME and even now in my third trimester I just don’t want them! Typical all the healthy stuff! You know in my first trimester I planned to write a blog as a Nutritionist on healthy food recipes in trimester one, but… I just couldn’t lie to you people! I was a cake fiend!

I was emotional this week but only really over the fat I felt so sick! I had lots of vivid dreams but really nice ones on having a baby!!

Week 10 -ENERGY and great gym sessions but.. nausea back with a vengeance!

So the energy levels stepped up and I was busting out my usual weight training sessions (with a little extra care) and cardio but at various times of the day the nausea caught up with me! I might train late morning and by night I felt dizzy, weird and sick! Some nights I would crawl on my hands and knees to travel from one room to the next as standing I just felt dizzy! With all the nausea though I was eating plenty of calories with carbs, carbs and more carbs! I could feel myself getting thicker and gaining weight!


Week 11 –Power napping, and goodbye to chocolate …

Not really feeling chocolate?! Weird?! I am a chocoholic despite working in the field of nutrition ha ha! I normally love the stuff and can not get enough but this was not on my agenda! CAKE WAS!

I remember I had lots of work to do and working for yourself is hard as you get paid when people feel like paying you as if you don’t put the work in you get zero! I worked from home often when I was not teaching yoga classes or doing nutrition consultations, and I just couldn’t focus! I had to keep taking breaks to lay on the bed and power nap! Id riddle myself with guilt and get very anxious as I needed to earn more money but I just felt so crappy! I look back now and think how silly I was and that I should have given myself less of a hard time!

When if finish a meeting or yoga class instead of going home to work, I would take myself of to a café and eat cake and drink tea, and indulge in the ‘feeling’ of being pregnant or id go home an nap!

Week 12 – Ultrasound and the doctors gender prediction!!

Yey! We got to see baby sprout (it had developed this name by now) on the big screen and we had a doctor do the ultrasound and he was amazing! As he was a doctor he could tell us there and then lots of information and results i.e. risk of down syndrome, heart health, etc.! Then…… he said “do you guys want me to give my prediction on the gender?” wow! I dint even know they could tell this early on!?

We had already decided as coulle we wanted to have a surprise and not find out! I was intrigued though what it meant the fact he could potentially see or predict our babies gender already! My mind automatically went to boy! I assumed somehow that if it was a girl there would be nothing to see but with a boy maybe a little sticky out bit resembling the penis!? However then I read somewhere you can see girl parts that early on too?! Eek!? The doctor said we had a wriggler and he laughed a few times as the baby wriggled as he tried to take measurements!

RPA Hospital and birth centre are amazing in Sydney! The scan lasted 1 hour and he went into every detail! It was magical! Owen took a video of the heart beat and little sprout baby dancing on screen! I have watched that video over and over again!

WEEK 13 – New Zealand trip, celebrating and weight gain!

Yes quite a bit of weight gain from what I remember and even looking at the photos now my faceis certainly rounder! Thank you pregnancy cake cravings! ! Now I know your body lays down fat in preparation for the growing baby but I just know this was all the carbs and cake helping me survive the first trimester!

We went to New Zealand to see Owens sister and family and it was just lovely. She is a Midwife (a great one too) so it was nice to pick her brain! She also gave me some awesome books on hypnobirthing along with a gorgeous handmade blanket passed on to generations of Owens family! I think Owens grandma wrapped his dad in the same blanked and it has been passed on through the years! So special!

The second part of the week in NZ, Owen had to work so we flew to Auckland and stayed in a hotel for 2 days and wow was it a gorgeous hotel! I took lots of strolls round the city of Auckland, little swims in the amazing hotel pool and spa and I just felt like Julia Roberts in pretty women! Actually it was a perfect end to weeks of nausea in the first trimester! I went shopping like pretty women (well not quite with the same amount of cash) for maternity clothes but to be fair I dint buy actual maternity clothes, I just bough dressed of bigger sizes! A lush week!

This week I also had a tender tummy, the way I can describe it was like the feeling you get when you’re a kid and you having growing aches in various joints etc legs etc but this time it was tender aches in my tummy! Growing aches I call them! The stretching dull sensation just excited me!

We also announced to our friends and more family this week and that was a lovely feeling!

Nausea seems to have subside?! That was very exiting!


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