Why is yoga good for babies?!

yoga for babies

Yoga for babies!  Why?

One thing that I found interesting being a mum-to-be is to read and research all about yoga for babies!

I teach adults, elderly and teenagers yoga but what about babies?!

From my yoga teacher experience and research as a mum-to-be I found that yoga can be very beneficial to a baby!

Here is why?

  • Promotes future lung capacity: – November is ‘Lung Health Awareness Month’! As a child gets older it will have an understanding of the importance of breathing correctly!
  • Yogi babies sleep better: Calm, contented babies who are able to self-settle and get plenty of sleep make for happier infants and cheerful, well-rested parents! Yoga poses will help relax your baby’s muscles and your gentle touch will help calm their busy minds to encourage longer, more restful sleep.
  • You get to Know your baby better: It helps parents to develop sensitivity to their baby’s wants and needs. Not everyone finds parenting instinctive and not all babies are easy to read. The calm, focused practice of Yoga can help parents tune into their infant’s cues. It also provides space to begin to discover your little
  • Yoga practice helps your baby’s digestion: A baby’s delicate digestive system can benefit greatly from Yoga exercises such as gentle cycling movements of the legs. This can help relieve wind, which in turn, will assist with better sleep and reduced fussiness.

So yoga for babies is pretty cool and you can do it in so many places!

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