Five ways to keep up your fitness during pregnancy!

Staying fit in pregnancy

Just because your pregnant doesn’t mean the gym and your fitness regime need to go out the window!

I read on the ‘baby center app on my phone the other day someone asking if they can tone up in their second trimester as they had spent the first trimester eating what they wanted, not exercising and now feeling flabby and unfit! I immediately replied YES YOU CAN!

Pregnancy is a wonderful, emotional and scary journey and we need to be especially aware of our body and mind but sometimes we can be too cautious and too afraid!

Women embrace this time and feel wonderful by exercising, eating right and giving yourself occasional treat!

Here are five tips Id recommend when keeping fit during your pregnancy!

  1. Stick with what you love! Make sure you maintain your exercise and to help you stay motivated it helps if you do the exercise and activities that you love. Don’t try and take up swimming if you hate it just because you heard it was good for pregnant women! Continue to do what you love and modify it accordingly! If your not sure how to modify your usual routine contact us for help –
  2. Maintain muscle and tone with free weights! Including a strength based program using free weights will help you quickly with toning up! You can use gym machines too but I find free weights tone more muscle groups and give you faster results! If you have never included a strength based program into your regime then you can start if you have an uncomplicated pregnancy! Try lighter weights to begin with and do 3 sets of each for 10-12 reps! I like to use the app ‘Lean Body by Lee Labrada’ – he has a range of programs that give you daily weight exercises in the gym with brilliant easy to follow video instructions. Sometimes your just doing a 30 minute session or a 50 minute session so there is flexibility if your restricted on time. For a particular strength based program customised for you feel free to email me for help and more guidance –
  3. Increase your steps! So I felt horrid in my first trimester and my usual gym regime took a back step! I still got some sessions in but I was nauseous and dizzy! My conclusion – pregnancy is weird and wonderful!! So on the days I didn’t want to go full-on with my cardio or weights id take to walking! Find your local park and come rain or shine get out there with your headphones and on and walk briskly! Treat yourself to a delicious tea on your way back or take a flask with your favorite hot drink for a rest stop! I started with 5k and then some days did 7k! My parents just visited me from England and I had hardly anytime for gym routines but after 3 weeks with them I felt great as I had walked so much showing them the sights of Sydney! Walking is easy and great for you! Get a Fitbit or pedometer to help motivate your distance and pace!
  4. Eat fat and protein! Women often fear fat and therefore don’t eat enough thinking that if we don’t eat fat then we won’t get fat. We therefore end up choosing so called ‘low fat healthy options’ instead of choosing full fat whole products. Eating healthy mono and saturated fats like olive and avocado oil, coconut oil and quality butter provide you with the means for the fat soluble vitamins A, D, E & K to be absorbed into your system. Crucial for not only your wellbeing but your baby’s development also. Including quality meats, healthy milk based options and eggs will also give you the mono and saturated fats and the protein sources for a complete diet. Protein and fat have a high satiety value, which means they switch off the hormones that tell you that you are hungry. Together they will reduce cravings and stop you snacking on the sweet stuff and will also help to stabilise your blood glucose levels too preventing dizziness.
  5. Exercise regularly! This is super important! You are not going to feel fit, toned and healthy if your doing one session a week! Sure its better then nothing but your body wants routine! If your used to exercising then try and do something at least 5 times a week maybe even 6 with one of those days being a walking day! Hey this could even be a shopping day buying things for baby while using your Fitbit! Exciting! For toning do at least 4 session with weights for an ideal strength and tone results! If you are new to exercise start with 3 sessions a week and build yourself up to more! With any of the above these sessions do not have to be for mammoth periods of time they can be 30 minutes each so quite achievable!

Other key things:

Above all have fun! On the days you feel tired, slow or nauseous walk don’t gym! Give yourself mediation and relaxation and take at least 10 minutes everyday to place your hands on your belly and connect with your baby!

Make time for down time, eat well but treat yourself also to be healthy physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually!



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