Cultivating mindfulness in everyday urban life!

Urban mindfulness

Three ways to cultivate more mindfulness into your urban life:

Mindfulness at work: It is incredibly difficult to achieve a state of mindfulness in the work environment but certain objects can help you reach that level of peacefulness. Triggering mindfulness through sensory perceptions is easier than starting from scratch. For sight, pleasant images like a beautiful landscape photo framed besides your desk can help. An object with a noticeable texture or temperature like a rock or ice cubes can assist you. Infact using a combination of perceptions like concentrating on the aroma of your coffee mug, feeling the warmth on your fingers and tasting it while paying attention to the flavour while sipping on it will help train your mind to achieve mindfulness effectively.

Nature therapy: Research has proven that being surrounded by shades of green cultivates our mindfulness and instils a feeling of freshness that activates our concentration and creativity. City life lacks a generous level of encounter that one experiences with nature parks. So it is essential that you locate the nearest park to your residence and implement a healthy routine of a morning walk where you spend a few moments concentrating in the present. Notice and acknowledge your intrusive thoughts and then let them recede as you come back to your breath and the present moment.

Mindfulness at home with pets and children:  By observing pets and children and using them as tools to guide your practice, you can achieve your goals conveniently. Children and pets have a mysterious ability to live completely in the present moment. By connecting with the way they react to situations, you can observe their behavior in contrast to your response in the same setting. So by concentrating on the sensual aspects of your baby or pet’s surrounding you can train your mind to formulate a different response from your usual automated one.


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